Belated Arbor Day Tree Planting

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EGG HARBOR CITY - SustainableEHC, the city’s green team, will be having a belated Arbor Day Celebration, 11 a.m. Saturday, May 20 at Peace Pilgrim Park, 500-block London Ave.

The public is invited to join the team in planting a river birch tree near the serpentine creek in the park. River birch trees like to be near water and can be found in nature along streams and rivers in New Jersey.

The team will also be replanting the Mighty Salem Oak tree sapling in a larger vessel next door at City Hall. 

The oak sapling was presented to the city two years ago and is the progeny of the 500-year-old white oak tree that grew in a cemetery in Salem County. The the tree toppled over, mostly from old age, and the  New Jersey Forestry Service collected the acorns and planted them at a nursery. Saplings from the tree were presented to every municipalities in New Jersey.

When Egg Harbor City’s oak tree matures, it will be transplanted to an appropriate location where it can grow and provide beauty and shade, hopefully for as many years as its parent.

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