SustainableEHC offers these tips for living green and ensuring a sustainable future for all residents:

  • Recycle every two weeks according to the ACUA pick up schedule for EHC. Remember to recycle cereal boxes and all cans, bottles  junk mail and newspapers. 
  • Reduce waste by purchasing products with less packaging.
  • Avoid using plastic bags. Put some reusable bags in your car for when you go shopping. 
  • Recycle electronics at the Highway Garage.
  • Switch to LED lightbulbs  to save energy and money. They last 10 times as long as CFLs, and use a lot less energy.
  • Purchase  a setback thermostat to save money on your heating bill.
  • Don’t put anything down the storm drains, except rainwater. Avoid products with microbeads that enter the food chain when they are injected by fish in the ocean.
  • Eat locally sourced food products that support local farmers and save money and energy on transporting products to market.
  • Plant native plant species and those that attract butterflies, bees and wildlife.
  • Plant trees for shade, to clean the air, and beautify your neighborhood. Plant native species.
  • Pick up after your pets. It's the law. Dispose of pet waste properly, especially when visiting the city’s public parks. 
  • Rise Above Plastics . Learn more here.
  • Join our green team to learn more about how you can become part of the solution.

Did you know the city recycles electronics?

State law prohibits electronics from being disposed of as trash.

Take your unwanted items to the recycling container located at:

EHC Highway Garage
Esslair St. & Chicago Ave.
8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday.


Take the Pledge to be Green